I want to talk to you and your partner. The submissive one first. You know who you are. Don’t look at your partner. Look at me. Tell me you need me to yell at you, to beat you, to put you in your place. Louder. You will do as I say, when I say it. Get on your knees and shut up. Your partner is watching.

I’m talking to the other person now. Maybe you don’t see yourself as dominant. But you could be. Imagine yourself as the object of devotion, of power. Where ‘now’ means ‘now’ and ‘do it’ means ‘or face the consequences.’ Look at your partner. Kneeling and quivering. Is that fear or anticipation? I’ll show you how to claim your dominant status in your relationship. How you use it, is up to you.

Or maybe you’re both on your knees. Waiting for my command. Perfect. If one submissive is good, then two is better.

I enjoy working with couples of all types. I can teach you to dominate your partner or we can all play together. As long as someone is obeying my orders, we’ll all be happy. Contact me now. Both of you.