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I am a Portland, Oregon based Sensual Mistress and Hypno-Domme. With many years of study and exploration, I’ve come to specialize in naturally occurring altered states of consciousness, taboo and edge play, and long-term slave training. I have a sweet, lady next door sort of countenance that seems to put anxieties in people at ease. I also have a questionable giggle, and the ability to bring my subjects to the edge, and push them to explore evermore perverse desires. These things can be scary to say the least.  You’ll find my warmth and confidence soothing. You can do it.

I frequently mix hypnosis and sensual BDSM, ranging from using the lightest of touch and triggers to drive my play things wild… to satisfying heavier and deeper appetites. I am both devious and nurturing. I always think about physical and mental safety.

I’ve been deeply involved in BDSM practices since I hit sexual maturity. I spent my twenties further exploring and mastering them. As a sadist, I love to torment and tease; abuse and violate; beat, bruise and humiliate. As a lover of humans, I enjoy fostering and facilitating a person in simply being themselves. Celebrating that part of a person that is always there, but seldom gets to come out and play. I enjoy everything to do with altered states of mind and taboo. I believe that mindful, safe and consensual BDSM is very healthy and meaningful, and that it enhances our quality of life.

I attend the occasional munch, seminar, workshop and fetish event. Always ask permission before touching me (however I may not do the same) and if your joke is at my expense, it better be fucking funny.

Listen to an interview I did on Kinky Cocktail Hour.


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