Erotic Hypnosis Demonstration

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Please join a long time hypnotee and me for a sexy and interactive erotic hypnosis session! This session will be primarily erotic with some added health/lifestyle suggestions. This is a great opportunity for people interested in undergoing hypnosis, people who want to learn erotic hypnosis, people looking for new techniques or new ways to play, or for people who just like to watch. Audience members will get the chance to offer suggestions for the hypnotee themselves, and there will be time afterward for a Q&A.

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Katherine Dire has been a practicing Mistress and hypnotist since 2013, and enjoys exploring new ways to promote kink and sexuality through altered states of consciousness, and vise versa.

The hypnotee is a straight, hedonistic male who says he has found hypnosis to benefit his life greatly, which includes an increased sex drive — being horny all of the time and having sex with lots of women – and an immensely improved diet and exercise regimen. You can find him on Fetlife under buffgymguy and you can find Katherine on Fetlife under KatherineDire.

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