October 2020 Newsletter

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Failure as a Man 3, humiliation hypnosis

Hi, there.
I hope you are all staying safe and happy. I’ve been creating great hypnosis recordings to help you achieve peacefulness and submissiveness. Two states that I highly value. This new group of recordings is aimed at losers and failures. You know who you are … EVERYONE knows who you are. Below are just a few of the titles. Visit my store to see these and all my recordings.

Failure as a Man – Part 3. I’m your therapist and I understand you perfectly. My mission is to break down your false identity and get you to accept your true self. I’m working, with much repetition, very tough love, shame, and humiliation, to get you to: accept, know, understand, believe, and internalize your failure as a man.

All Your Money. This file is designed to make you my pay pig. My good pig. You will want to give me all of your money and your bank login information. Do not purchase and listen to this file unless you want to be my personal ATM.

Your Girlfriend. You will learn to never cum without my permission. You will learn to wear a diaper. And you will learn the joy of being pegged by me. You will be a good boy, and when you do as I say, I’ll let you watch as I fuck your girlfriend.

Opening Up 2 (Primer version). This erotic hypnosis file is designed to help you to relax. To open you up. Open you up to the sound of my voice. To cause you to feel pleasure as the sound of my voice penetrates you. To make you want the sound of my voice more. To feel as though the sound of my voice is fucking you.

You can also check out my blog for the recent article in the Mood Movies series about BDSM in cinema.

You know what to do. Buy my recordings. Now. You’ll thank me for them. This is the training that you need.

On a more personal note: If you are considering not voting, please reconsider. This election is an important one. You can choose a leader who oppresses the innocent, lies and endangers the lives of our citizens or you can vote for a leader who values science, health and equality. Either way, please vote.

–Katherine Dire


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  1. I very much appreciate how Mistress KatherineDire does not lose sight of the fact that kink, along with all other corporal concerns, exist also in a political contexts. Thank you Mistress.


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