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This is an example of some of the erotic hypnosis that I do.  As a hypnotist and a femdom, I use a variety of themes pertaining to both hypnosis for pleasure and for health, including BDSM and fetishes, sexual and psychological health and work with couples.  For more information, see my hypnosis website here.

“Imagine that you find yourself in a wonderful place…a completely erotic space… the most sexy place that you can possibly imagine…. Able to do everything that you’ve ever wanted… perhaps your Mistress is there with you…… in fact… you may start to imagine that she is talking to you right now…. and my voice may start to sound a bit like her voice… you look deep into her eyes and she tells you…. that in this place… this most sensual space… you are free to do and enjoy whatever you wish…you may be imagining something very soft against your skin… perhaps… as your body lay quietly… your mind is actually under the control of a beautiful and powerful woman just like your Mistress… you are unable to move unless she commands you to… and when you move… you move only as she commands you to…

Towering above you… knowing the power she has over you.. her gaze pierces through your mind… and all you can do… is wait to see… what she will make you do… I wonder what she will make you do….
For example…. how would it make you feel if she made you take your clothes off? How would it make you feel if she didn’t allow you to move at all… but only spoke endlessly erotic words to you… turning you on to the point of pain? Perhaps she will just amuse herself with you…. Perhaps she will just enjoy herself and laugh at you…. toy with you and tease you… What if she then decided to gently caressed your cock with her beautiful soft feet… or if she decided to grab it and squeeze until you cried out in agony… you may also notice how good she is able to make your entire body feel just by talking to you… and that just the sound of her voice is making you so extremely horny … you are continuously reminded of the fact that the sound of her voice arrests your entire body… it fills it with sensation and caresses your most sensitive of places…stimulating you… exciting you and bringing you to the edge of ecstasy…Just imagine what it would be like if she were able to make you cum on command?….How would it make you feel, for example, if every time your Mistress said a certain word, you were unable to control your arousal state…..if every time she said this word, you came uncontrollably…”

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  1. I’m somewhat new to this erotism but very interested and curious. I have and read many of script’s which were very arousing but I don’t think I’ve ever been hypnotized. I just read your sample and definitely felt there may be something there.
    Thank you
    You may be hearing from me soon
    Sincerely Scott

  2. I love this, I can’t wait to do a session with you and try out these triggers!

    • Wonderful!

      • I’m scared she could put me so deep and she would control everything in my life.

        • You should be scared. >:)

  3. I have never been hypnotised but I find this very exciting especially the triggers. I hope to develop a menu and this will also motivate people to play with me have fun with me Dominate me! Can’t wait for my session with Ms. Katherine

  4. This tweaks places deep inside.
    The premise invites and tantelises….makes one wonder….What if.

    Is it possible?
    Could I be subtly persuaded, and layed down into that place of bliss?

    • Of course you could. You just have to be willing…


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