Hello, San Antonio!

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Mistress and Hypnotist

Well.  Hello to everyone, but I’m especially looking at you, Texas. I’ll be visiting in April to explore your infamous kink & party scene and to enjoy abusing one or two of your subbies.

Schedule a session with me so I can make you go down and spill all of San Antonio’s dirty little secrets. Or just send me a note because you want to tell me where the best of everything is.

If you do, perhaps I’ll reward you by pinning you down, shoving my dirty socks in your face and forcing you to breath deeply while I hypnotize you into thinking that the intoxicating scent of my feet is all you’ll ever need in life.

Or maybe I’ll just say thank you like a nice lady.

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  1. What dates will you be in San Antonio Mistress Dire?


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