Opening Up (soft version)

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Relax and open yourself up to the sound of my voice. Feel it, the sound of my voice, as it penetrates you deeply…


Enjoy erotic hypnosis and fetish hypnosis by Portland Oregon’s Katherine Dire, Master hypnotist, BDSM practitioner and mind fuck enthusiast. Enjoy BDSM in a way that brings health, balance and sexual vigor into your life. This is real hypnosis for the alternative sexualities community, for health and for pleasure.

This file is the soft version of Opening Up.  It contains no post hypnotic suggestions.  Open yourself up to the sound of my voice and find that it is penetrating you deeply.  As you relax and notice everything about the sound of my voice, your focus opens you up further.  The sound of my voice slips easily into your mind and you find that the feeling of it excites you and makes you want more.  I penetrate you deeper and deeper… harder and harder… until you find that it feels as though the sound of my voice is fucking you.


“And as you continue to go down and listening intently to the sound of my voice… notice all of the qualities of my voice… allow yourself to listen even more closely… detecting every nuance… focus even more…. and as you focus… harder… you may or may not notice how easy it is… to relax even deeper… your mind slowly and easily opening up… naturally… gradually… opening like a flower opens to a honey bee… relaxing deeper and deeper… and the more you go down… the better it feels… the better it feels… to open more and more easily… effortlessly…finding yourself… opening yourself… opening yourself up… gradually… and as you open yourself up you may be able to take in even more detail… more stimulation…. and as you focus more… you open… more and more… feel it… perhaps it may even feel as though it’s a gentle stretching… it might feel very nice… and you may also find that this opening up feels as though it is reflexive… it’s so natural… it feels so good….”


To make these sessions more effective consider purchasing my Primer Hypnosis file.

Listen to this recording repeatedly for increasing impact and practice your relaxation state. As always, use hypnosis responsibly… if you experience any unfavorable effects… please discontinue… otherwise I hope you have a lovely time.

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You can find a sample hypnosis video here, and another sample script here.


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